[Samba] using samba through a VPN

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Dec 2 10:07:46 GMT 2004

> > the internet using openvpn. I've been told that samba (through no fault of
> > its own) doesn't work very well through a VPN.

Rubbish.  I have a ~dozen users using it via a VPN, it works just the same as if
they were local (albiet more slowly, for obvious reasons).

> > I want the workstations in the new network to be able to logon to the
> > domain  and access the file shares hosted by the samba PDC in the first 
> > network.  Will  I be able to do this? Easily? :)

If you have WINS, etc... setup properly it will 'just work'.  All the same
requirements as if it was Win32 on your servers.

> The thing to use is a DHCP server that also provides clients with the IP 
> address of the PDC through the netbios-name-servers option in the ISC 
> DHCP server.

Yep,  whether this is DHCP or not depends on your VPN technology of choise, but
you need to get that information (WINS server) down to the client.  Also best
to set the clients node type to be WINS only and not use broadcast, but that is
always true.

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