[Samba] Question about samba 3.0.9

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Dec 2 13:54:52 GMT 2004

> I do this pretty regularly ... I just copy the desktop, mydocuments, 
> cookies, favorites. The only thing I tend to loose is the desktop 
> shortcut for the quick launch tool bar.... I can never get it back 
> either .. been looking for it for years now...

Along with that you will also lose every possible application specific 
setting that was stored in the user's portion of the registry. In my 
case you would also lose Mozilla profiles, gaim history, and a whole 
host of other things scattered about.

BTW, in my particular case, using XP, the quick launch was in
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet 
Explorer\Quick Launch 

>> profiles.  When I move a user now, it makes a new desktop.  I want to 
>> use the user's local desktop, just transfer it to the server.  any ideas?
I've posted this solution several times and never heard anyone say "that 
really sucks because..." so I'll post it again.  Note that this is a bit 
tedious, but then again, your users will probably whine that it's also 
tedious for them to set everything back up again, so the choice is yours 
on who gets the pain of creating the settings.

When you've got some profile you need to migrate from one setting to 
another, that being from a local-on-the-machine/non-domain profile to a 
roaming/domain profile, or moving a profile from one domain to another, 
etc.  you can do the following.

before starting, make sure that you don't have any profile on the server 
with the username in question and you aren't using a network Default User.

1.Reboot to clear up any locks that may be on the profile's registry.
2. Log in as administrator (doesn't really matter which but I usually 
use local)
3. Find the user's profile you want to base the new user off of and move 
it to some safe/hidden location.  You do this mainly so that if the 
usernames match you don't end up with a user.domain profile directory.
4. Move the default user directory (it will be hidden) to a location not 
in Docs and Settings
5. Copy the old user profile back to Docs and Settings and then rename 
it Default User
6. Log in as the user on this workstation.  It may take a while to do 
the 'loading your personal settings' step depending on how large the old 
profile is.
7. Reboot and log back in as admin
8. Delete the new 'Default User' and move the original one back to where 
it was.

You can add tweaks such as changing the roaming to local profile and 
such as you see fit.  This may also work using a network Default user 
instead of the local one if you're so inclined, but I haven't tried.  
There are some variations that may need to be done if you've got some 
more complex situations, but hopefully this is close enough to get you 

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