[Samba] Question about samba 3.0.9

Shawn Henderson shawn at techcoms.net
Thu Dec 2 06:47:52 GMT 2004

I do this pretty regularly ... I just copy the desktop, mydocuments, 
cookies, favorites. The only thing I tend to loose is the desktop 
shortcut for the quick launch tool bar.... I can never get it back 
either .. been looking for it for years now...

Richmond Dyes wrote:

> I have been setting up my domain server using FC2 and samba 3.0.9. 
> First thing, for your information: In the notations in several 
> sources, it tells you to user "logon path = \\%L\profiles\%u"  this is 
> wrong.  It should be, "logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U".  Now that I 
> spent 5 million hours banging my head on a wall with that, how do I 
> get he exist desktops on my 2000/XP machines to move to my roaming 
> profiles.  When I move a user now, it makes a new desktop.  I want to 
> use the user's local desktop, just transfer it to the server.  any ideas?

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