[Samba] using samba through a VPN

Shawn Henderson shawn at techcoms.net
Thu Dec 2 06:43:03 GMT 2004

I am running a similiar setup. I have a main office running a T1 with a 
linux firewall and a samba pdc/dhcp server behind it. On my satelite 
office Im running a dsl connection with a dlink router with a samba 
pdc/firewall/dhcp server behind it. (I never trust those little dsl 
routers). I am using openvpn for this. I set the main pdc accross the T1 
as a wins server and point the satelite office to it.. I am able to 
browse both networks and share files with no problem.  The usernames and 
passwords are the same with both servers and I can use cygwin and ultra 
vnc to remotely manage by computer name .

I would worry about speed if you gonna authenticate across the vpn. 
Especially if you plan on using roaming profiles..

Andrew Gaffney wrote:

> I already have an existing network that is managed by a samba PDC. In 
> the next few days, I will be linking another small LAN to the existing 
> one over the internet using openvpn. I've been told that samba 
> (through no fault of its own) doesn't work very well through a VPN.
> For the new network, there will be a box with 2 NICs: one for the 
> internet and one for the LAN. This box will use openvpn and iptables 
> to allow the entire LAN direct access to the PDC (which provides other 
> services also) through the VPN tunnel.
> I want the workstations in the new network to be able to logon to the 
> domain and access the file shares hosted by the samba PDC in the first 
> network. Will I be able to do this? Easily? :)

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