[Samba] allowing users to change system time

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at cel.ie
Wed Dec 1 22:07:20 GMT 2004

Greetings Samba users,
I'm the proud administrator of a samba 3 domain with openldap backend. All
is well but for one niggling little problem which i hope somebody could help
me with ?.
My pdc is set up as a time server "time server = yes" and I have created a
logon script with the following entry :

net time \\mypdc /set /yes

Now, when i logon to a windows 2k domain client as Administrator the above
command sync's the time on the client with the server, no problems. However
when ordinary users logon they get the following error :

System error 1314 has occurred.
A required privilege is not held by the client.

I would like to give the users the privilege to change the time on their
systems. Does anyone know how i could go about doing this ?. Using the
usrmgr.exe program i can make a number of changes to the samba domain,
usfortunately their is not an option to do this ?
All help , ideas welcome.
Thanks for your time.
Ian Clancy

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