[Samba] Symlinks not translated on Samba 3.

Pablo Barroso Cubillas pablo_barroso at yahoo.es
Wed Dec 1 22:04:24 GMT 2004


My problem:

After upgrading Samba 2 to Samba 3 (tested 3.0.6 & 3.0.9) on a:

--> WhiteBox Linux (RedHat Enterprise 3) on Dell Poweredge 2600,

my linux clients (samba 2 & 3, mdk 10.0) can no longer get symlinks 
translated on the server, instead getting the path on the local FS of 
the workstations (so we can't "cd" into the directory (on the server) 
the symlink is pointing to).

- Read about this problem solved on 3.0.9, so I compiled it from source 
with the same (bad) results.
- Tried any kind of "follow symlinks" & "wide links" combination within 
smb.conf with no luck.

Any clue ?
Someone facing this problem?

What about using a CIFS VFS linux client ?

Thanks in advance.


Pablo Barroso Cubillas


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