[Samba] netlogin scripts

eric at hopevale.com eric at hopevale.com
Wed Dec 1 13:58:31 GMT 2004

running debian 3.1 "sarge" ppc and samba 3.08

I want to have my win98se computer users to have their shares automatically mapped. 

1.  I have read that I would use a netlogin directory and put scripts in there?

2.  Does anyone know if samba has to be set up a special way ADS, wins, etc...
to use the netlogin directory and it's scripts? "this server is the only smb
server technology I am using"

3.  Does anyone have a good example of a "netlogin" script to simply map drives,
that I could  see?

Thank you for your help,

Hopevale Union Free School District: http://www.hopevale.com

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