[Samba] pam ssh athentication using winbind

Sverre Johan Tøvik sjt at drmstu.hibu.no
Wed Dec 1 12:40:12 GMT 2004

John Stile <john at stilen.com> wrote:

> Samba setup as a Member Server in native AD domain with winbind
> authenticating AD users for access to shares.  My understanding is that
> with pam and winbind,  domain users can log into the samba server via
> ssh, even if they do not have a local user account?  Logs shows access
> granted but user unknown, so I must be missing something and need some
> help.

I might be way off here, but did you know you have to prefix usernames
with your workgroup and the winbind separator? With your config/example
this means you'd have to log on as MYREALM+stile. I'm not using
pam/winbind with ssh, but it works fine with ftp, netatalk and apache
(just implemented a little webapp using it).


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