[Samba] Domain Unavailable, XP and Samba 3.0.8

Matthew Easton info at sublunar.com
Wed Dec 1 07:42:59 GMT 2004

400MHz Dell Poweredge server with Debian and Samba 3.0.8  from the .deb files 
at samba.org.

40 WinXP Acer workstations connected via ethernet are joined to the domain and 
working fine.  Profiles are local.

However, new P4 Toshiba laptops(XP Service Pack 2, 256MB RAM) are unable to 
cache credentials.  That means laptops can join the domain when connected via 
ethernet, and domain users are able to log in, but disconnected operation is 
impossible. The laptop reports "domain is unavailable" and refuses to let the 
user past the password prompt. Not convenient when they take the laptops 

User's best option is to log on to the laptop with a local user account and 
mount shares from a script. But I would rather they join the domain.

The laptop security policy is set to cache 10 credentials by default. My aged 
Windows 2000 laptop can handle this situation just fine.  It caches 
credentials and user can log on in disconnected mode, provided at least one 
connected domain login has occurred ever.   Windows 2000 laptop can even 
login successfully over the wireless access point-- another thing the poor XP 
laptops are unable to accomplish.

I've tried everything I can think of -- is there a registry hack or 
configuration trick which will make WinXP honor the cached credentials?

Thank you.

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