[Samba] Case Sensitive Problem in SMBFS mount

Saurabh Pendharker saurabh at adobe.com
Wed Dec 1 05:25:36 GMT 2004


I am using Redhat Linux 9.0 on one machine and Windows XP on another machine. There is a folder named "Test" on WinXP which is mounted on my linux machine using

mount -t smbfs //servername/Test /mount-point.

Everything is working fine and I am able to get into this folder. My problem is when I am trying to access Test in  linux using " cd test", I am able to access it but from Linux point of view this should not be permitted, as linux is case sensitive, I should access this folder as " cd Test" and not "cd test".

Please tell me how to make this mount case sensitive.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh Pendharker

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