[Samba] Samba shares issue

Volar - james jamesb at volar.ca
Wed Dec 1 04:55:39 GMT 2004

Hi Mark.

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 12:05 +1100, Mark Huff wrote:
> I have a company that uses Debian and Samba.  I have created three shared
> folders on the server and the users connect to them from win2K workstations
> using a common user ID login.  Users can also connect via VPN via pop-top
> VPN server.
> The problem is that when editting a file locally then trying to save back to
> the samba share, Windows Excel (or other program) will tell the user that
> the file has been modified and do they wish to overwrite or save as a new
> copy.  However, if i connect in via VPN, map to the share using the common
> user ID, I can open, change, and re-save files without getting this error.
I had a similar issue which turned out to be directory mask and create
mask related. I used a common group and added members to it. The Linux
permissions were 770 and the masks were default as in the Swat tool. I
changed the masks to match the Linux permissions and that solved the


James Bowes,
Volar Technology Consulting.

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