[Samba] Windows XP Pro and Samba (file saving) [what version of samba]

Matthew J. DiBattista MJDme at ITtechs.com
Fri Apr 30 21:33:45 GMT 2004

Is this in Samba 3.0.2a?
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Subject: [Samba] Windows XP Pro and Samba (file saving)
Sometimes when I save a file to a samba-shared drive the application is 
unable to save there and asks if the file is write protected or if the disk 
is full.
If I then save it to a local drive and copy it there using Windows 
Explorer, it can overwrite the file fine.
Do I need to make that myriad of changes to my XP Pro registry?
Most of the time it works fine, just from time to time it will give this
I also have a problem with DOS commands (move/xcopy) working with mapped 
samba drives.
The drive is mapped to U: drive.
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