[Samba] Mounting through my ISP works/doesn't work.. Verizon Avenue problems... :-(

James Saxon james at saxon.com
Fri Apr 30 18:06:49 GMT 2004


I HAD Verizon ONLINE.  I was ABLE to mount samba served machines from the internet...  eg \\strange.dreamhost.com\ from my XP box.

I switched to Verizon AVENUE.  Now I can't.  (When I go through a VPN, though, I am able to mount the directory going around Verizon
Avenue's network)

I'm thinking this is a port restriction that Verizon Avenue has going on.

I'm trying to explain to the verizon avenue engineers what's going on here but I don't know how to further diagnose the problem.  I
don't know the ports needed or what protocols it's using...

Any assistance would be most excellent!


James Saxon
jsaxon at spamcop.net

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