[Samba] NT4 to Samba 3 Migration

Chris Cameron chris at upnix.com
Fri Apr 30 15:39:10 GMT 2004

I've done the net rpc vampire and gotten all the user and machine
accounts from the NT server, I've test logged in, checked permissions,
set groups, tested some of our odd apps and it all looks good. The
problem I'm having is switching the desktops, and keeping the
(non-roaming) profiles.

I'd like to have it so everyone reboots their computer after the Samba
switch over, and then have it so they can just log in as usual. Have the
Samba PDC authenticate them and they get their (non-roaming) profile
load up.

However, I've found the user is unable to log in when the NT4 PDC is
turned off and the Samba one turned on (no longer BDC of course).

Am I missing something here, or is this just not the way it works?

I've checked the domain SID on both the Samba and the NT server and they
appear to be the same. I would have figured this was the problem for

I've been spinning my wheels on this far to long, so -any- help would be


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