[Samba] SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP

Mac mac at nibsc.ac.uk
Fri Apr 30 11:44:55 GMT 2004

Hi all,

	This is (nearly) a follow-up to Brandon Franzke's posting about
XP profiles not saving.

The original post is at


We've just hit this exact same problem and confirm Brandon's findings.

We're using Brand New (unpacked from the box on Monday) Dell Optiplex
GX270 computers with Win PX Pro Version 2002 SP 1 factory installed.

They work perfectly, including Roaming Profiles saving back and forth.

If we upgrade the drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 to the latest
current dirvers ( then a Roaming Profile is not saved back to
the profile server.

This occured with a Windows 2003 server as well as Samba 3.0.2a and

When we roll the driver back (to the problem disappears, and
the profile is then written back perfectly (including any changes that
have been made whilst the drivers were at

We're currently trying to interest Dell, NVIDIA and Microsoft in this
problem, but Dell simply say "we've not tested anything about"
and NVIDIA's website says "we don't do support".

So, we can confirm Brandon Franzke's findings, and we came to this
conclusion independently.  We can also confirm that a re-boot is needed
for changes to take effect (specifically, installing the driver,
but _not_ rebooting does _not_ cause the profile saving failure).

Also since we've used exclusively XP SP1 we believe it's unlikely to be a
Microsoft problem (Brandon's testing was all pre-SP1).

	I hope we've added a bit to the pool of knwoledge here.

If anyone has any suggestions on how we can contact NVIDIA to ask
them to fix a netwokring bug, we'd very much like to hear them.

Also if you have hit this problem, then please let me know.  Maybe we can get
them to listen to weight of numbers?

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