[Samba] Can I reconfigure Samba share without restart smb service?

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 10:48:24 GMT 2004

Everytime I add or remove some samba shares, I must restart smb service to take effect. Is there anyway to reconfig it without restart? 

>> Yes there is, you must "kill -HUP" your parent smbd process, either work out which pid it is from running ps -aef (-aux or whatever
for your UNIX platform) or cat /sambainstalldir/var/locks/smbd.pid file which contains the PID, then "kill -HUP YourPID" 
For already established client connections they may not see the changes until they disconnect but for new connections your
smb.conf/share changes will be visable,

cheers Andy.


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