[Samba] Problems with ACL's on Samba 3.0.3

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 16:13:01 GMT 2004

Hi List,

	I'm having trouble understanding the behaviour of ACL support in Samba 3.0.3pre1 running on Solaris. Here are my problems

the unix standard attributes for other seem to map to Everyone when viewing a share from a Windows client, however assigning rwx to other/Everyone does not grant access to folders for users connceted to the share, why not?

I cannot work out how to change the primary group assigned to a file or folder from a Windows client, is this possible? How? Obviously you cannot delete the primary group as a UNIX file must have one, and adding additional groups only adds them as ACL permissions so I'm stumped on how this works.

When I assigne permissions to the primary group the group is added as an ACL permission so is listed twice from getfacl, eg

# file: Shared
# owner: SmithAW7
# group: Domain_Users
group::rwx              #effective:---

Is this normal?

I found that the Samba How To guide was ok for how permissions mapped from UFS style to NTDS style permissions but did not help with my confusion on the behaviour listed above.

	Any help greatly appreciated,

		thanks Andy.

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