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Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 12:29:46 GMT 2004

Mac, perfectly explained. I had (it seems wrongly) assumed Samba was using
SNTP.  I'll stick to the good old DOS method.



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> Hi all,
> >
> >Thanks.  I've set that up but it doesn't seem to be doing anything :-(
> >
> >I found other, very similar instructions on the 'net...
> >
> >Under "my computer", "manage", "services & applications", "services" made
> >sure that Windows Time was set to start automatically.  Then in a DOS box
> >ran the following commands
> >
> >net stop "Windows Time"
> >net time /setsntp:  (my samba server)
> >net start "Windows Time"
> >
> >
> >I *can* use the DOS command:    net time \\ /SET /y   and the
> >clock
> >does sync to the server.
> >
> I've just been fighting with this myself, and I _think_ I've got a firm
> understanding.
> There are _two_ ways that a modern (W2K, XP) box can talk to time servers,
> NetBIOS and SNTP.
> _Both_ are accessed with the 'net time' command, but unconnected to each
> So, if you use `net time \\someserver /set /yes'  then that will use the
> style of getting the time (i.e from an SMB server).
> But, if you use `net time /setsntp:some-other-server'. then that will
> configure which SNTP server(s) the "Windows Time" (w32time) service will
> to.
> Obviously 'some-other-server' must speak NTP (which Samba, naturally)
> do.  You need (something like) xntpd instead.  (You can of course rrun
> and an NTP serer on the same server.
> In XP the 'w32tm' command is expanded to allow you to update the config of
> "Windows Time" service on the fly ('w32tm /config /update').  Note that
> _must_ either use this command or stop and start the w32time service for
> changes to take effect (that includes changes made by 'net time
> Also, some useful info is available from (XP's) 'w32tm /monitor' and
> 'w32tm /dumpreg /subkey:parameters'
> Right, enough of this off-topic nonsense......
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