[Samba] Memory leak in Samba with APW printing configuration ?

Yohann Fourteau yohann.fourteau at aitb.org
Thu Apr 29 06:47:58 GMT 2004

Le jeu 29/04/2004 à 06:38, Gerald (Jerry) Carter a écrit :
> I don't see any memory leaks using valgrind 2.1.1 on
> 3.0.3rc1.  Can you provide more information? ps output,
> /proc/<pid>/status, etc....
> And do you mean the printer properties dialog or are you
> really using the APW icon ?

In fact, after lots of tests. It's Xerox drivers (Docu Color 3535 with
fiery modules) which causes problems. When I can have the printer
properties dialog, each time I clic on a button of the printer
properties dialog, the smbd process takes more and more memory and the
interface (the printer properties dialog) is very slow. But now, I can't
have the dialog box, it hangs and the smbd process growthes. I have to
kill samba, my explorer and to do a rpcclient to do a setdriver to
change the driver, if not, each time I want to open the printer
properties dialog of that printer, it hangs until the "out of memory" of
the server...

To solve the problem I've change the driver. There are 4 kinds of
drivers for Xerox 3535 printers, the simpliest is the best and works.
But I lost some features.

Yohann F.

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