[Samba] page count logging samba/cups

Kuba Leszewski k.leszewski at ce3.pl
Wed Apr 28 14:57:18 GMT 2004


I know this subject appeared a few times on this list, but I've tried 
some of solutiuons presented there, and nothing works.

I have a CUPS server and HP LaserJet 2200 printer.
I downloaded postscript driver for this printer from cups.org, installed 
it in CUPS and then installed it using cupsaddsmb in Samba.
This driver now installs automatically on my Windows clients.

Problem is that I need to log number of pages everyone prints.
So far I can log correct numbers for users that have Linux, and use CUPS 
directly (without Samba).
But when I use a printer shared through Samba, then every print job 
appears as single page.

I  read this:
and this:

I understand that the print job must pass through the 'pstops' filter, 
in order to get logged properly.
But all the solutions I found, don't work.


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