[Samba] allowing everyone to view shares

Chris J. Bottaro chris_bottaro at performanceretail.com
Wed Apr 28 14:25:07 GMT 2004

bad topic, i know...couldn't come up with anything better.

i want any windows user to see ALL samba shares, even if they don't have permission cd (or login) into them.  for example, if logged in as john on winxp, i want john to see chris' samba shared home dir in "my network places".  when john double clicks on chris' samba shared home dir, i want a dialog to pop up prompting for a login/pass.

the reason for this is that on my winxp box, i am both chris and root (root has admin privs).  sometimes i'm logged as either chris or root and i want to access the home dir of the other user (root or chris).

right now, the way its setup to work is each user see only the public samba shares and >his/her own< home dir.  but its also messed up because when he/she tries to enter his/her home dir, it prompts for a password only (the username input box is greyed out and filled in with guest).  so they can't even enter their own home dir share.

thanks for the help.

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