[Samba] xp profiles and samba 3.0

Matthew J. DiBattista MJDme at ITtechs.com
Wed Apr 28 02:02:02 GMT 2004

The new profile will be copied to the SAMBA PDC and a copy on your xp
If you do not want the remote logons or if you do just copy the good one to
your home directory.

Log on as admin on the XP machine, control panel, system, advanced, and
click local profile.  

Which ever profile you want (andy or andy.DOMAIN NAME) delete the one you
don't want, and rename the good one andy.DOMAIN NAME.  You get the idea?

Matthew J. DiBattista
Information Technology Technicians

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How can an xp machine on a samba domain rejoin the domain without having 
remote profile problems? When I do a windows logon to the domain after 
the pc has rejoined, my old profile is moved to profile.domain, and a 
new profile is then copied from the samba domain controller. Why? After 
that, some xp things don't pick up with the new profile.

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