[Samba] Problems with Samba 3 and XP Roaming Profiles

Matthias Spork samba at matthiasspork.de
Tue Apr 27 19:19:42 GMT 2004

Caitiff schrieb:

>I've got some annoying Problems with roaming profiles. Perhaps someone is
>able to help me...
>I would like to use Samba as a PDC and for storing NT roaming profiles. When
>I first installed Samba 3.02 and XP SP1 (Before that I used Samba 2.2.8a and
>XP without SP1), XP downloaded the old profiles it found. But upon shutdown
>or logoff, changes to the profiles were not written to the server. I checked
>the XP event log and found entrys about rights and some offline stuff. I
>csc policy = disable
>profile acls = yes
>to the profiles share, and there where no more errors in the event log. But
>profiles are still not written to the server. All I get on the XP side are
>many warnings from COM+ that I do not understand. They may not be of much
>use, since they are in German, but I include some anyway:
Which Virusscan do you have installed? Remov it, and try again.


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