[Samba] Performance: Samba 3 vs. Windows 2003

brian at krusic.com brian at krusic.com
Tue Apr 27 17:12:04 GMT 2004


Although I use this with Samba 2.2.7, it should apply to 3 (I 
will find out soon enough :).  I found this to be a good 
setup.  I've;

sys setup-
gbit (non jubmo)
8 port 3ware raid card
sw raid on xfs 2.4.20-20.9 (log v2 and s size = 4096)

samba setup-
socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=262144 SO_SNDBUF=262144
max xmit = 65535
read size = 65535
log level = 0
(no comments or non functional lines in your smb.conf file)

client setup-
regedit so that tcp window size = 128k (google this as I 
don't want to give you my regedt script for it may incure me 
supporting it).

Although I'd rather have a NetApp and be done with what I 
call admin nightmares, I do get around 35MB/s which is cool.
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