[Samba] Making shares invisible to unauthorized users

Matthew J. DiBattista MJDme at ITtechs.com
Tue Apr 27 14:54:32 GMT 2004

Logon script for each user.

net use h: \\servername\username 
net use z: \\servername\share 
net use p: \\servername\public
net time
@echo 		"Lets check for any updates to install." 
cd updates
@echo 		"If there are updates PLEASE install."
rem start realpop.exe
@echo			"BYE BYE NOW!!"


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Is there a simple way to set up Samba so that users ONLY see the shares that

belong to them? 

I'm not talking about the user's HOME directory. But lets say I have 60 
shares in my smb.conf file. To make it less confusing for users when they
the Samba server from Windows, I want the users to ONLY see the shares that 
belong to them. 

So, I want to set up each share so that it is only readable and writeable by

a single user. And so that only that user can see the share. What are the
settings to achieve this kind of "visibility and access control"? 

I have figured out most of my Samba issues on my own, but I have a deadline 
today to get this issue resolved and I would appreciate hearing from someone

who knows the solution. 

Thanks in advance. 

Andy Liebman

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