[Samba] Enventid 3224: Errors in chaning machine password.

Collins, Kevin KCollins at nesbittengineering.com
Tue Apr 27 13:02:11 GMT 2004

> Hi, 

HEY!  I may not going to be able to help, but I want to chime in here and
let you know that you're not alone.  :(

Maybe with both your information and mine, something will pop-out in the
Coder's mind or someone else who has been having the same issue.

> I got a problem using Samba 3.0.2a w Openldap as 
> passwordstore. When my machines tries to reset their 
> machinepasswords, they report the following error:
> Eventid: 3224 : stub contained bad data while trying to 
> change the machine password. 
> (please relate to the eventid as the text has been partly 
> translated from norwegian)
> What I am wondering about is the following:
> a) Has anyone else experienced errors like this one on ther 
> network and found a solution?

While looking through my logs this morning, I came across this exact same
error in at least two of my machines (I'm trolling through the others now).
The two machines in question have been reporting this error message every 4
hours (approx.) since the first week of the month.

> b)  The computer seems to work for now,

Both of the machines are working fine (at the moment).

> but I wonder ho long it will go on without beeing able to
> change it's machinepassword.

Well, mine have been like this for nearly a month now.  Not saying they
won't die today, but at least they have that long.

> c) Is it possible to have the machine log when it has 
> successfully changed the password as well? 

I think this is an automated process that neither an admin nor Samba can

FYI, my setup is like this:

Samba 3.0.2 PDC with LDAP password backend.
Workstations are 99% Windows 2000 Pro w/SP4 (I do have one Windows 98SE box
and 2 Windows XP Pro w/SP1 machines floating around).

One of the machines in question is running Windows 2000, the other (mine) is
running Windows XP.

What kind of information would the Devel. Team need to solve this?  Since it
seems to happen about every 4 hours I could run a level 10 log for my
machine and try to capture it.  Would that help?

Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc. 

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