[Samba] Enventid 3224: Errors in chaning machine password.

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Tue Apr 27 08:57:06 GMT 2004

I got a problem using Samba 3.0.2a w Openldap as passwordstore. When my
machines tries to reset their machinepasswords, they report the
following error:

Eventid: 3224 : stub contained bad data while trying to change the
machine password. 
(please relate to the eventid as the text has been partly translated
from norwegian)

What I am wondering about is the following:
a) Has anyone else experienced errors like this one on ther network and
found a solution?

b)  The computer seems to work for now, but I wonder ho long it will go
on without beeing able to change it's machinepassword.

c) Is it possible to have the machine log when it has successfully
changed the password as well? 

Many thanks for any tips and hints on this.

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