[Samba] Re: Domain Admin Group privaleges

Greg Kuchyt kuchyt25 at potsdam.edu
Mon Apr 26 18:30:49 GMT 2004

I thought this was the problem also, but adding the user to the root
group did not yield any change. I'm kind of baffled on this one.

> It sounds as it has to do with the Linux privileges.  Try this:
> When you create a Samba user, the equivalent account is created in the
> /etc/passwd file.   Add the Linux user account to the Linux root group.
> This will give the user root previliges.  Here is some info. from the Samba
> How To:
> There is no safe way to provide access on a UNIX/Linux system without
> providing root level privilege. Provision of root privileges can be done
> wither by logging onto the Domain as the user root, or by permitting
> particular users to use a UNIX account that is a member of the UNIX group
> that has a GID=0 as the primary group in the /etc/passwd database. Users of
> such accounts can use tools like the NT4 Domain User Manager, and the NT4
> Domain Server Manager to manage user and group accounts as well as Domain
> Member server and client accounts. This level of privilege is also needed to
> manage share level ACLs.

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