[Samba] Netbios Aliases -- problem with too many?

M. D. Parker mike.parker at ga.com
Mon Apr 26 17:02:58 GMT 2004

I have inherited a Samba 2.2.8a server with 12 NetBIOS aliases along with a
normal NetBIOS name.  This was thought to be a good method of partitioning
the shares and a way for logical referencing by a project.  Admirable goals.

However, I am noticing that the WINS registration for some of these NetBIOS
aliases seems to get dropped at times.  I have people using the alias saying
that their share cannot be accessed at times.  When I check indeed this is
the case the NetBIOS alias does not respond at all.  

Restarting the samba server seems to correct the problem.  In fact, I am
having to resort to restarting the server twice a day to prevent this

Any ideas as to how to resolve this situation.


Mike Parker
Systems Administrator
parkerm at ga.com

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