[Samba] Re: Re: Trying to configure a SAMBA 3 PDC with OpenLDAP - a fix coming anytime soon?

Ross Becker ross at rbecker.org
Sun Apr 25 18:23:11 GMT 2004

 John H Terpstra wrote:
>I recommend that you place all machine accounts in the People container.
>At this time Samba does not correctly search the Computers container.
>- John T.

This bug appears to have been known about for quite some time (since
sometime in 2003 at least). Reviewing the changelogs for the current samba
3.0.3pre version, I dont see anything that looks like this has been
addressed, I searched bugzilla.samba.org, and did not find any open bugs
related to this.

I'd really like to separate machine and user accounts completely. Due to
this bug, I cannot do that. Not to mention, this works with 2.2.x versions
of samba, and the documentation does not say this shouldn't work, and it's
the default configuration if you use smbldap-tools from idealx.

Is this bug likely to be fixed soon, or is there a particular reason it's
being put off?

--Ross Becker

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