[Samba] Viewing Properties of file marks it Read-Only?

Thomas Reiß thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Sat Apr 24 21:42:36 GMT 2004

Hallo Alan Walters, 

> If I use Windows Explorer to right-click on any file (in the SAMBA Share)
> and view its Properties, the Unix privileges get changed from "-rwxrwxr-x"
> to "-rwxr--r--" essentially making it Read-Only!!  Even if I don't change
> anything and click CANCEL on the dialogue box?
> [M2KApps]
> 	comment = Manage-2000 Applications
> 	path = /roi
> 	valid users = awalters
> 	admin users = awalters
> 	hosts allow =

Maybe a Problem with the umask of user root of your system ?

man smb.conf
     admin users (S)
         This  is  a list of users who will be granted
	 administrative privileges on the share.
         This means that they will do all file
	 operations as the super-user (root).

So i thing the a umask (022 or so ?) of root should be the Cause of your Failure. 


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