[Samba] It works before, but now? NT_STATUS_ACCES_DENIED

LanRol lanrol at freemail.hu
Sat Apr 24 20:32:27 GMT 2004

Ohhh, noooo, it doesnt work! :(((((

have anybody a good idea?

>  Hi all,
> linux:~ # net rpc join -S sun -W SOLARSYS -U admin
>  Joined domain SOLARSYS.
> linux:~ # net rpc vampire -S sun -U admin
> Fetching DOMAIN database
> Failed to fetch domain database: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
> What is wrong? Any idea?
> ps: SUN is my NT4 PDC, SOLARSYS is the DOMAIN name.

> Jerey wrote in another message:
> "Did you set the domain sid on the Samba box?  This
> must match the NT4 domain SID if you are going
> to be recognized as a BDC."
> Okay, but where can i do this?

> So, in the other hand, in systemlog in NT4 there is the 
> following message
> "The session setup from the computer SAMBA3 failed because there
> is no trust
> account in the security database for this computer. The name of
> the account
> referenced in the security database is SAMBA3."
> What?  I set a box for my linux machine.
> what wrong? help please


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