[Samba] Verified bug in Woody Samba

blfs blfs at comcast.net
Sat Apr 24 02:54:37 GMT 2004

I have spent the last week trying to figure out 
why the command

smbclient -L win98server

kept crapping out.  After grepping through the
source code, I figured out the error was in
gethostbyname(I think).  

The solution to this problem is running the

smbclient -L win98server -R bcast


But that still leaves it to the next person to figure 
this all out, and that is not really a good solution.

smbclient -L win98server 

should be a workable command.  

How do I go about reporting this error?  I would also
not mind taking the time to reprogram the code to fix
this one bug, since it took me a week of frustration to
find it.  

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