[Samba] deny unix login

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Fri Apr 23 23:47:58 GMT 2004

yunus yuwono schrieb:

> hello ...
>i'm looking for reasons to implement samba as pdc on
>NT's domain network. 

 > why should i use samba as pdc??
Samba emulates a Windows NT Domain-Controler on *nix. It's free software!

 > i need to know the defferent
Windows PDC runs on Windows, it's very easy to administrate and you pay 
a lot of money.
Samba PDC runs on almost all Unixes, you need to know sonething about 
*nix, and you have to pay nothing.

In Samba you have open source and many ways to put your userdata: Files, 
In Windows you have closed source and only one way for your userdata: 
NT: Files, 2K AD

 > between the authentification/authorization prosess in
 > windows PDC and SAMBA PDC...

Today, Samba can only work as a NT-Domain-Controler. The only way is to 
use NTLM-Auth. Since Win2K you have
Kerberos. But the developers still working on it.


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