[Samba] Authentication.....

Ross McInnes sysrm at stvincent.ac.uk
Fri Apr 23 09:49:34 GMT 2004

Hi, im having an on going issue with authentication to machines connected to
a samba domain.

What im trying to do it connect to machines on my network which are part of
a domain called ACADEMIC.

When I put in \\machinename\c$ it prompts me for a username/password, even
tho on this local machine (which isnt connected to domain academic) the
username/password are the same (Administrator)

So I put in the administrator username/password it doesn't take it. I then
put in ACADEMIC/Administrator & password it doesn't like it either. The only
way it does like it is if I put in machinename/Administrator & password.

Looking in the samba log I cannot see any attempts to connect to samba from
my machine or the machine im connecting to when I try the
ACADEMIC/Administrator & password way.

Is there something I can set in smb.conf or I need to set on my workstation
or the workstation I am connecting to that would allow either straight
administrator or academic\Administrator? With 350 machines I don't really
want to have to connect to each computer using the machinename\Administrator

The main reason im doing this is to run audit services on each machine to
find out memory/cpu etc, since I have about 350 machines over several sites
its not practical to go to each machine and install software or to inspect
each machine. 

Any help in the matter gratefully received.

Ross McInnes

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