[Samba] You do not have permission to change your password

Brandon Turner brandon at msc.tamu.edu
Fri Apr 23 02:21:37 GMT 2004

Nope, even with 3.0.3rc1 it still did the error.  Passwords were changed
correctly just like before.  I did notice once that it would let me log
in with either my original password, or the password I just changed to.
This stopped after rebooting the Windows client, but still weird.

I also get the "DOMAIN not available" message sometimes, or the "You
don't have permission" others.


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On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 07:14, Brandon Turner wrote:
> Just an update.  After reading others posts, I uninstalled Microsoft
> Cumulative Update MS04-012 (KB828741).  Sure enough this fixed the
> problem.  Hope Samba folks can correct this in Samba 3.0.3 so we don't
> have to uninstall this update on all computers.

Can you try 3.0.3rc1?

I made changes to ensure we do not use the LM password during the
change, which might solve this issue.

Andrew Bartlett

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