[Samba] Samba + cups + load balancing

Pierre DOUCET pidoucet at free.fr
Thu Apr 22 21:03:01 GMT 2004


I'am playing with samba and cups. Now i have 2 print servers load 
balanced with samba, cups, heartbeat.

I use 2 computers with 2 ethernet cards by machine.

network                            network
|                                     |
|                                     |
|                                     X
| eth0                                | eth0
Node 1--------Crossover link--------Node 2
        eth1                     eth1

when all is ok, on node 2 public interface eth0 is down and up on node 1.

if node 1 fail, hearbeat shut down public interface on node 1 and 
activate eth0 on node2. Virtual IP address moves on node 2.

Samba is listening only on private interfaces (eth1) on node 1 & 2. We 
are connected with network and DC (win2k) with a nated connection.

The two samba servers are identical: we copy all tbd files from node1 to 
node 2.

All seems to work for now...

Wait and see


Thank's to samba dvl for their great job :-)

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