[Samba] join domain and add machine script - phenomenon :-(

Thomas Reisenbichler smbtre at fh-stpoelten.ac.at
Thu Apr 22 14:44:10 GMT 2004

hi list,

after 2 years samba 2.5a-ldap-pdc used from more than 1000 users without any 
problem i want to upgrade to samba 3.0.2a! the problem is to join to domain 
and automatically create the ws-account. step by step it looks like (sorry 
for the bad translation - i've only german version of w2k/sp3):
1) systemproperties/join domain
2) i fill in the correct username and pwd
3) a few seconds later i get an error like "user could not be found" 
4) ok-click to this message and once again ok for joining the domain
5) after a few seconds it succeeded and everything else works well

i found out that the problem is the search dn because i've the ous clients and 
users and this is the phenomenon:
at the first try the ws-account is created on the right place - in ou=Clients 
- but then it will be searched in ou=Users and so "user could not be found" 
is ok, because in ou=Users isn't such a account! ok, but i you try it again 
the client will be searched in the right ou (ou=Clients) and then it works!

for those one, who likes to read logfiles near than 5000 lines - i can send 
you the log!

is this a known bug? for manual work it's no problem, but with automatic 
softwaredelivery this situation is very bad.

thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my very bad english - i'm from 
austria ;-)
thomas reisenbichler

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