[Samba] help with smbmount and permissions

Chris J. Bottaro chris_bottaro at performanceretail.com
Wed Apr 21 19:21:19 GMT 2004

ok, on my windows machine, i see:
myname on 'computer01\home' (H:)

so i went to my linux box and did:
smbclient -L //computer01 -U myname
and i see Home listed as a sharename (why does windows show it as "home" but its really "Home" as reported by smbclient?).

well everything works fine if i mount it like this:
smbmount //computer01/Home /mnt/computer01/Home -o username=myname

but i want to mount computer01/Home/myname directly...something like this:
smbmount //computer01/Home/myname /home/myname -o username=myname

but that fails saying the sharename does not exist...as observed by the smbclient command.

but an even bigger problem is that if i mount it as root using the first (working) smbmount command, then exit root and cd into "myname", i can read files, but i can't write.  how can i remedy this?

thank you for the help.

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