[Samba] Foxpro for DOS and Samba

Gerald Drouillard GerryList at Drouillard.ca
Wed Apr 21 18:24:43 GMT 2004

Stephen N J Wade wrote:

> We have an NT4 server where some Foxpro 2.6 for dos data files (dbf and cdx
> files) are located.  We have a Foxpro 2.6  for DOS application that resides
> on the NT4 server along with the FPD26 runtimes and executables.
> We also have a Linux server running DOSEMU that mounts a share under Samba
> 2.2.8a on the NT4 server to access the same data files via a copy of the
> .app and runtimes located on the linux server.
> The Fox pro app runs fine under Dosemu, everything appears to work fine, but
> we get regular data loss from the tables i.e. records are not written to the
> files, or indexes are not updated correctly.
> Does anyone know if this setup is known to cause problems? 
Last time I looked at Dosemu, I believe it was having file/record 
locking issues with any kind of mounted drive.  They may have fixed it now.

Have you read about oplocks yet and the registry changed need on Win 

Gerald Drouillard

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