[Samba] Sambe max file size on RH9

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Apr 20 21:22:34 GMT 2004

Glen Starrett wrote:

> Paul Gienger wrote:
>> Glen Starrett wrote:
>>> I'm getting a "max file size exceeded" when copying from knoppix 
>>> 3.3. to RH9 over a samba share when the file gets to be >2G in 
>>> size.    This is samba 3.0.2a on server, 3.0.2-Debian on client.
>> Are you using smbmount on one side (i.e. mount -t smbfs..... )?   
>> The  smbmount program was supposedly using an old  samba codebase 
>> that didn't yet go over 2GB.  I've had this problem writing to a 
>> Win2k box from a RedHat 9 box running 2.2.8a before.
>> If not using a mount point, by what method were you copying?
> Yes, I'm using smbmount (via mount -t smbfs... as you indicated).  I'm 
> not sure how else I would connect, "net use" isn't supported yet 
> apparently.  Is there another app I should be using to connect?

You could try to use the smbclient and operate that ftp like syntax, 
although if you're doing something like I was, which was creating a tar 
file on the mount, that doesn't help you much.  Of course you could 
always go the route of using nfs since you're going between two nix 
boxes here.

I believe I read that the error is actually in the kernel.org source 
tree, and not necessarily in any distributions particular tree.  Could 
anyone confirm that statement with more authority?

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