[Samba] WINS question..More questions

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Tue Apr 20 17:32:11 GMT 2004

Just thought I would build upon my original post.
The reason the need for a WINS server, is that we are beginning to put up 
VPN connections to branch offices. In order for our BO's to be able to 
browse our corporate network, we need to put a WINS server...thus, I put up 
a samba server, enabling WINS.

Right now, the company has one NT server, acting as th domain master. 
However, this box is going to be replaced by a Samba PDC in the near 
future. For now though, I need to get a WINS server up and running.

Anyway, I edited smb.conf and put the following info in:

wins support = yes
os level = 65
local master = yes

When I take a look at the log.nmbd file, here are some interesting things I 

[2004/04/20 09:23:50, 0] nmbd/nmbd_become_lmb.c:become_local_master_stage2(396)

   Samba name server OXYGEN is now a local master browser for workgroup 
COURTESY on subnet

[2004/04/20 09:23:50, 1] 
   process_node_status_request: status request for name COURTESY<1b> from 
IP on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET - name not f

Now, im trying to figure out a couple of things:

1) what this error message is, and if there are problems fix it.

2) Whether or not my WINS server is working properly.

Just thought i'd post additional informatio here.

Also, just picked up the "Official Samba 3 HOWTO" book and reading it as I 

I appreciate the help.

>Morning everyone.
>Just have a quick question regarding WINS on samba-3.0.3.
>Running FreeBSD 4.9, with samba-3.0.3 built from the ports tree.
>The only thing I needed from this particular server at this time, was it 
>to function as a WINS server for our company.
>I went ahead and did the basics, as setting the netbios name as well as 
>saying 'yes' to wins support.
>However, I cannot tell if it is working correctly. The reason I say this 
>is that, I have not changed any of thw Windows 2000 desktop machines to 
>point to the WINS server in their TCP/IP properties.
>So im trying to figure out what could be wrong, if anything and how to 
>figure out if it is working correctly.
>Any ideas on what I could be missing?
>I appreciate it.

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