[Samba] WINS question

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Tue Apr 20 16:26:34 GMT 2004

Morning everyone.

Just have a quick question regarding WINS on samba-3.0.3.
Running FreeBSD 4.9, with samba-3.0.3 built from the ports tree.
The only thing I needed from this particular server at this time, was it to 
function as a WINS server for our company.

I went ahead and did the basics, as setting the netbios name as well as 
saying 'yes' to wins support.
However, I cannot tell if it is working correctly. The reason I say this is 
that, I have not changed any of thw Windows 2000 desktop machines to point 
to the WINS server in their TCP/IP properties.

So im trying to figure out what could be wrong, if anything and how to 
figure out if it is working correctly.

Any ideas on what I could be missing?

I appreciate it.


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