[Samba] LDAP Q: What for use Containers

Schlomo Schapiro samba at schlomo.schapiro.org
Tue Apr 20 10:24:14 GMT 2004


I am planning a Samba3+LDAP installation and was wondering about the use 
of putting users into different containers on the LDAP server (similar to 
what people do on NDS/eDirectory).

Is it possible to then assign rights, options, ... to the containers and 
have the users inherit these rights ?

I observed that e.g. SuSE Enterprise server and other SuSE products put 
all users in the same context, thereby using the LDAP only as a better 
flat-file storage.

Having worked a lot in a Novell environment I of course got used to the 
convenience of assigning rights to containers.

Is there currently any support for this in Samba ?

Is there something planned to facilitate this feature ? I guess it will 
also have to go with the host file system ...

Any input appreciated,



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