[Samba] Printers permissions

Christian HAESSIG christian.haessig at ircad.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Apr 19 08:01:18 GMT 2004

Hi samba experts !

I have a question concerning printers permissions.

I have a samba server joined to an AD domain ( the net ads join worked
perfectly, and winbind seems to work too ).
I have no acl installed on the samba server.

I added some printers ; these printers are well seen by every people in the

The problem is :
when I remove the Everybody permission from the printers access list, some
people are no more able to connect to the printer. But they should, because
they are member of a group which has full access to the printer.

So, after check, I found out that the user SIDs seen on the samba server ARE
NOT THE SAME as the ones on the AD domain controler !
Is this a samba bug ? The wbinfo command works fine, and returns me all
users an groups from the AD domain ...

Another question : do I have to install the acl if I want to set specific
permissions on the printers ? Or is acl only necessary for disk sharing ?

Thanks for help,

Christian Haessig
Tel : +33. (0)
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mailto:christian.haessig at ircad.u-strasbg.fr

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