[Samba] windows permissions

Alexander Gretencord Alexander.Gretencord at gedoplan.de
Sat Apr 17 16:08:39 GMT 2004

On Saturday 17 April 2004 17:17, build wrote:
> When a user creates a file I want the file to have -rwxrwx--- (0770) and
> the group to ?own? that file so others in the group can edit it. No
> matter what I try any files created belong to the user with -rwxrw----
> (0760).

So suppose we have two shares A and B which have the unix permissions set up 
like this:

drwxrws--- root grpA  A
drwxrws--- root grpB  B

Now every file or group created in that directory will get the respective 
group and the file will be owned by the user. Works perfect here. You might 
still want to adjust the force* settings in your smb.conf if you don't like 
the permissions but file ownership should be fine with just the 's' bit set.

Like for having all files 770 youd set force create mode = 0770. See the 
smb.conf manpage for details on the various force* settings.



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