[Samba] authentication problems from windows domain controller

Sahibzada Junaid Noor sjunaidn at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 12:28:49 GMT 2004


      ok all i wan is to setup a file server in my
windows 2000 AD based network .

and i want that samba should authenticate requests (
login, password pair) from the windows 2000 AD domain


 tom is sitting on a windows 2000 client. his home
directory is on a samba file server. he wants to
access his project report which is lying on the samba
file server.

he connects to the samba file server through the
windows browser and is prompted for a login and
password pair. when the types in the pair , samba file
server sends the pair to the domain controller for
verification i.e if tom can access that particular
share or not?

ok this is what i am up to . can any one tell me where
to start off from.



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