[Samba] Authentication problem using userid@mydomain.com format

Jay D. Anderson Jay.Anderson at dw.deere.com
Wed Apr 14 14:55:53 GMT 2004

I've just upgraded to Samba 3.0.2a from 2.2.8a, and I've run into a 
problem.  We have an automated build process for our Windows PCs where 
first a Windows XP Pro image is copied onto the machine, then after a 
reboot the local administrator is autologged on and a drive is mapped 
from the Samba server using Active Directory domain credentials.  At 
this point the new machine hasn't been added to AD yet.  The credentials 
are specified in userid at mydomain.com format, and Samba is failing to 
separate the userid from the domain so the connection is made 
anonymously (I have "guest ok = Yes" set for the share).

I've manually tested this and have found the problem only exists with 
this specific situation:

 - PC not added to AD
 - map drive using different credentials, userid at mydomain.com format

If the credentials are in mydomain\userid or mydomain.com\userid format, 
it works properly.

If I follow the same procedure on the same machine, but map a share from 
a Windows server using the userid at mydomain.com format, everything works 

Also, if the PC is added to AD, everything works if I no matter how the 
credentials are formatted.

I searched the mailing list archives, but I didn't find anything on this 

Is there a way around this behavior, or is this a bug?

Thank you.

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