[Samba] Samba 3.0.2a and ADS w2k3 Kerberos authentication problem

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 14 13:22:32 GMT 2004

>I am using Samba 3.0.2a as Domain member into ADS w2k3 domain. net ads
>join -U administrator work fine.
>wbinfo -u and -g works fine.
>I am able to mapped Samba shares with IP address (\\192.168.0.x\share)
>but it does not works if I use netbios name ( \\redhat9\share) the
>system asks me for authentication but never I get into the Samba server
>( Login and password are invalid ).

>Kerberos packed is 1.2.27 default redhat9 included.
Well, when I read this last line, I assumed that you've just run into the
w2k3 doesn't deal with non-rc4-hmac kerberos (that would be pre-1.3 MIT
kerberos), but it is strange that you can map via IP address...

There are several things to try here:
-upgrade kerberos to post 1.3
-try fixing windows, which has multiple options.  See

But the fact that it works via IP address puzzles me...

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