[Samba] Invisible samba server

Jules Colding jules at tdcadsl.dk
Wed Apr 14 07:47:19 GMT 2004


My samba server "linux-1" (samba-3.0.2-7.FC1) has suddenly become
invisible from all windows client. The samba server is a member of the
"RASKNO" workgroup and was visible when browsing the workgroup from
windows clients a few weeks ago.

The weird thing is that it is now invisible. The only changes has been
regular updates of FC1. 

The symptoms is that I can search for and find linux-1 from any windows
client. I will end up in RASKNO as expected when I navigate one step up
from linux-1. The weird thing is that linux-1 is invisible from that
position. The global "browseable" option is set to "yes".

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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